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Most of the information found here is my own work. Some material herein comes from freely accessible sites, some information contains different kind of sources which have respect for the original owners. If you found any information, pictures etc which are yours, created by you and the credit is not mentioned or anything is without permission, please, tell me! No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of any information given.
The '' is unofficial and no endorsement from or connection with Kraftwerk, their agents, pets or vocoders is implied.

The pages of '' do NOT use cookies, do NOT collect any information about the visitors and do NOT contain third-party code snippets.

This homepage is not intended to be a news site.
Should you have any comments, suggestions regarding to the contents of this homepage, please feel free to contact me in English (or in Hungarian of course if you know...).

I do not deal with trading/copying of bootlegs and officially published materials. I do not participate in organizing Kraftwerk and/or any other electronic music related events. I am not willing to advertise other sites, I do not participate in link exchange. My domain names are not for sale.


Only in content-related matters, and only in English, in other cases I will surely not answer.

E-mail: info @ klingklang .hu

The e-mails sent to me are deleted immediately after reading. I have no contact list and I will not keep anyone's email address in any form.

The e-mail is not an interactive form of communication, where you can get a prompt answer. If not immediately, maybe I will try to answer later. Please, do not send any attachments in your e-mail, because I will not read it! Sending of any attachments only after previous agreement. The subject of your message has to be meaningful, otherwise it is not sure that I will read it.

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